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Reese and Wayne are a father-son duo with a deep passion for fishing and decades of experience as machinist.  They have honed their skills over the years, combining their technical expertise with their love of pursuing sportfish.  

Through their extensive experience, Reese and Wayne identified a problem in the fishing industry that many anglers were aware of.  They were determined to find a solution and combined their knowledge of fishing with their technical know-how to create a groundbreaking product.  

Their invention has had a significant impact on the fishing industry, becoming a must-have tool for serious anglers.  With this product, fisherman can now save valuable time and effort, making the process of catching fish more efficient and enjoyable. 

Reese and Wayne are true innovators, bringing their passions and expertise to improve the experience of fisherman around the world.  They continue to push the boundaries, always seeking new ways to improve upon their invention and make fishing better for everyone. 

Hitting the market in spring of 2015, and with great thanks to our amazing customers and tackle shops, Bridle-Buddy continues to grow in the sportfishing community and continues to put the competitive fishing teams in the winners circle.  

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